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A History of Trust and Commitment

M & W Insurance was founded in July of 1979 by Robert "Bob" McNabb and his high school friend George Woll.

Bob had spent the past 6 years working for one of the worlds largest insurance brokers at the time. From this experience Bob learned the insurance business. He then decided to venture out on his own with his best friend and a $10,000 small business loan. 

The agency started out writing Bars, Hotels / Motels, Contractors and various types of small businesses. 

In 1982 a person named Joe Nunnely from a newly emerging insurance company called Mercury Insurance came knocking on this door. This company had a completely different philosophy than any other carrier Bob had ever worked with. This would change Bobs life forever. Learning how to properly underwrite and select customers would fundamentally change how M & W viewed the insurance industry. 

"Our goal is not to be the biggest,
      Our goal is to be the best."
- Robert McNabb, Founder of M&W


Jennifer McNabb-Stella, Bob McNabb and Steve McNabb


Bob McNabb in 1985 at our first office location on Sepulveda Blvd. in Van Nuys, CA

Bobs business philosophies continue to prove themselves right: Provide great coverage, great service and great pricing.

We continue to remain committed to our clients and will always stick to those beliefs. 

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