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5 Security Tips for Building Owners and Landlords

These 5 security tips can help protect your property and help protect tenants from burglary, theft and injuries. 



#1 Cameras

The best way to deter criminals are cameras. This also creates a safer place for tenants and allows you to keep an eye on the place at all times. 

#2 Lighting

The more, the better. Proper lighting will help deter criminals and also prevent trip and fall injuries. 

#3 Secure Your Property

Having controlled access at entry ways with gate codes, intercoms and self closing doors will help keep unwanted people off of your property.


Avoid using barbed wire at all cost. Barbed wire leads to more injuries than its worth as a crime deterrent. 

#4 Deadbolts 

Deadbolts prevent unwanted entry into units and help keep tenants safe.  

#5 Peepholes in Doors

Peepholes in doors allow tenants to see who is knocking prior to opening the door. 

Of course, this is not an all inclusive list of security tips. We encourage you to do more research into security and protecting your property and tenants. You can also  consult with your local law enforcement for other tips on security.  

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