Who is M&W Insurance?

M&W is an insurance broker specializing in writing commercial property and personal insurance. 

What insurance companies does M&W do business with?

We are partnered with several leading insurance companies like Travelers, Mercury, Liberty Mutual, Berkshire Hathaway Guard and many others. 

How is my building coverage and replacement cost determined?

Our agency utilizes industry leading technology to value your properties replacement cost. 

- We get our property data from multiple sources to verify its accuracy.

- We use softwares like Marshall / Swift to determine replacement values.   

Why do I need Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability?

If you have property managers, maintenance staff or contractors working on your behalf, you are open to being held liable for a car accident. 

Example: Your property manager goes to the hardware store to purchase something for the property. The property manager gets into a serious car accident. The injured person in the other vehicle sues you, the property owner. Because the driver was working for you, you can potentially face  damages.  

Why do I need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Rather you have employees or not, you may still be hiring the occasional handyman or uninsured contractor that can get injured on the job. 

Example: You hire someone to paint inside a unit. They fall off the ladder and break a wrist. The insured person sues you for medical expenses and lost wages. 

What are A.M. Best Ratings?

A.M. Best is the rating agency that handles insurance company ratings. They determine the capitalization and solvency of the insurance company. But not how reliable they are when it comes to paying claims. 

What is an admitted insurance company vs. non-admitted insurance company?

Admitted: Insurance company that is licensed and regulated by the state in order to operate as an admitted market. All premium rates and policy forms get approved by the state before use. 

Non-Admitted: Insurance company that is not filing premium rates and policy forms with the state. But is still subject to certain licensing in order to operate. These carriers are know as surplus lines markets. And typically writes sub-standard risk, properties with prior claims or a unique type of property.